Created over 150 weekly recipe videos, uploaded on H Mart's official social media including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. 
The videos were created to introduce Korean recipes and bring awareness in Korean culture to customers. The most viewed video in Facebook has 1.1M views.
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Ice Cream Matcha Hotteok
Rice Dog
Rice Ball (Halloween)
Gravy Pork Belly
Character Rice Cake
Salmon Bowl
Rice Cake Soup
Egg Tart (Easter)
Fish Roe Over Rice
Cold Soba Noodles
Shrimp Dumpling
Grilled Short Rib Patty
Green Tea Pork Belly
Soy Sauce Chicken Wings
Rice Ice Cream
Pizza Cup
Bibimbap Style Shaved Ice
Chicken Skewer
Black Bean Fried Rice (Valentine's Day)
Soju Cocktails (New year's Eve)
Sweet Potato Cake (Christmas)

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