I’m a self-starter and love new adventures. Learning new skills and ideas always excite me and it gets me to be involved in different types of projects and skill sharing. As a designer, I aim to make an impact with positive intentions. I love to draw sweet and strange things that make people smile.
I've been working as a multimedia designer over five years, specializing in illustration, graphic design, and video production. I have worked with some government and private agencies which allowed me to have diverse perspectives and background. I'm also working freelance and remotely on Upwork, Fivver, Lexikeet Language Services, and Etsy.
I'm currently promoting my illustration on Etsy and running a non-profit children's literacy website called DoDream BooksPlease contact me by clicking the mail button on the top right corner, or simply email at woojin9hn@gmail.com for any questions or inquiries. Any collaboration requests are welcomed!
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